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alight /əˈlaɪt/ verb 
to come to rest; settle; land
Welcome to Alight Counseling
Life is full of unknowns. There are times where we all just need a place to rest,
and find support. I believe that people are created for, and heal best within
the context of relationships. At Alight Counseling it is my goal to provide a safe place where you can feel connected and begin to grow through the challenges
you are facing. Together we will explore these challenges and view them as opportunities to heal and live more authentically. 

  Children, preteens/teens, and women. Providing services to work through grief, eating disorders, women's issues, behavioral concerns, depression, anxiety,
and trauma.

Premarital and marital counseling.  Helping clients identify negative patterns in order to heal and restore comfort and joy within the relationship. 

Biological, foster, and adoptive families. The goal is to provide support through difficult transitions and increase a sense of
inter-connectedness for
all family members.